We spoke to Saytek about his live set for Carl Cox and Creamfields | Soundspace

We spoke to Saytek about his live set for Carl Cox and Creamfields

We spoke to Saytek about his live for Carl Cox and Creamfields

Techno live artist Saytek has just dropped his brilliant new live album titled Improvisations, on Carl Cox and Christopher Coe’s Awesome Soundwave label.

The London-based artist recently made his Creamfields debut with a live performance on Carl Cox’ Intec Digital stage, we had a chat with him to see how it went.

You’ve just played your first Creamfields festival on Steelyard Presents: Carl Cox Intec Digital, congrats! So how did it all go for you?

Ahh it was great thanks, I had an early slot, so was a little worried about how it might go. But it filled up early and I was honoured that quite a few people turned up to watch me perform and gave me such a great response! Carl told me he had watched the livestream too and said it was “Very good”, so that made me very happy!

You’re used to playing a lot of clubs, so how did playing at such a big festival like this compare?

Actually, I play at a lot of festivals as well, Just not so much in the UK. This was my fourth festival of the year so far and I am playing another one in Germany on Saturday! So actually playing festivals is not new to me, but as it was Carl that booked me and it was in the UK it made it unique.

Everyone knows you for your spontaneous live jam technique, so did you do much preparing before you’re set, or did you just improvise?

Not much, lol! I didn’t know exactly which jams I would perform to be honest, I am used to doing 2 hour shows and was only playing for an hour at Creamfields. It was the Intec stage, so I knew i would be jamming tougher stuff and not so much deepness. In the end I ended up starting with an acid vibe, working into Detroit inspired techno, I performed a few favourites from my ‘Improvisations’ album and revealed some brand new material.

Were you nervous at all?

Oh, I always get nervous before a show! And this was a biggy, so yes!

Carl Cox is a big fan of yours, tell us how your relationship with him and Christopher and how it all came about?

Carl has been supporting me and playing my tracks for years. I did a 30-minute live performance for his Global Radio show back in 2012. When I released an album of live tracks on Cubism called Machine Jams back in 2016, he played nearly the whole album at his Space Ibiza residency and 2 of the tracks went on to be 2 of his most played tracks for over 6 months.

Then the following year I was at IMS in Shanghai and bumped into Christopher Coe who told me about a label he was starting with Carl with live artists in mind (Awesome Soundwave), When I told him I was Saytek, he said that Carl had mentioned me and wanted me to be on the label and the rest is history!

Did you get to check out Carl at the festival, how was his set?

Oh yes I sure did, it was really great I love what he does his energy and track selection is all of his own, He doesn’t follow trends like a lot of other huge DJs he just plays techno and house music he loves. He dropped Last Night (live) as well, a track he has been playing for nearly a year now!

Who else did you get to see and who were your personal highlights?

I really enjoyed La Fleur and Pan-Pot’s sets, also Christopher Coe’s live set was great! I really wanted to catch Nicole Moudaber, but unfortunately, our driver was scheduled to take us back to the hotel before we could, but it had been a long day, so I needed the rest!

What else have you got coming up that you can tell us about?

I have loads of great live shows booked in across Europe, this weekend I play Schlaflos meets Abona Beach – a boutique festival in Germany and Carl has booked me for his and Awakenings event at ADE and Fabrik in Madrid. So just keeping doing what I love doing most, performing live techno and house!

Saytek’s Improvisations (Live) LP is out now on Awesome Soundwave.