UK talent Rene Wise makes South African debut at Smalltown Beat | Soundspace

UK talent Rene Wise makes South African debut at Smalltown Beat

UK talent Rene Wise makes South African debut at Smalltown Beat

With a digital EP on Mark Broom’s Beardman imprint and his first official 12-inch released on Luke Slater’s highly respected Mote-Evolver, Brighton-based Rene Wise (born Andrew Shobeiri) is a name spreading rapidly through the techno ranks. His productions and unsigned material have been gaining huge support from some of the biggest names in the industry.

He has made regular appearances at Jaded, London’s Sunday after-hours haven and incredibly, at just 22 years old, he can already boast two sets at Berghain, both of which have grabbed the attention of committed Berlin clubbers.

Rene Wise will be making his South African debut at the start of October; we caught up with him to see what he has in store for his highly anticipated appearances in the southern hemisphere.

Thanks for chatting with us Andrew – you certainly have some great achievements under your belt so early into your career, can you tell us how your releases came about on Beardman and Mote-Evolver?

My pleasure! The Beardman release came about after a friend of mine sent Mark Broom some unreleased demos, after which he got in touch asking if I’d be interested in doing an EP. I then met Mark after hearing him play at Corsica Studios in London, lovely guy! That opened the door to Mote-Evolver, as Luke Slater was heavily supporting my Beardman EP so I sent him some music and to my shock, got asked if I’d like to do an EP on Mote, and the rest is history!

Your next release will be dropping on South African label Knowledge Imprint as part of a split EP with label-owner Deano. Can you tell us a little about the influence and inspiration for these tracks?

My influences in their simplest form are irresistible grooves and rhythms. I try to portray that as best as possible in my tracks, with things like poly-rhythmic percussion grooves (usually quite samba inspired) and rolling synths and basslines.

The release of the EP falls in perfect timing with your debut in South Africa. You’ll be playing at Smalltown Beat on October 5th and also headlining VAULT at Mødular on October 11th. What are you expecting from the South African scene/vibe and do you feel it will be different from your European appearances?

I’m super excited to experience the South African scene and culture. I honestly don’t know what to expect or how it will compare to Europe but I can definitely see there’s a lot of hard-working people in the South African scene. The crew behind Smalltown Beat as well as Deano running Knowledge Imprint and events in Cape Town are perfect examples of the culture being pushed and being kept alive by like-minded individuals.

Given that your rise has occurred over a relatively short period, there surely must be a handful of DJs and producers that made you think ‘this is the direction I want to head in’?

The first people that always come to mind are DVS1, Luke Slater and Ben Klock, they all really represent the sound and style I love within techno and have shaped the producer/DJ I am today. I’ve analysed Luke’s forward-thinking, timeless productions for hours and lost count of how many times I’ve heard DVS1 and Klock behind the decks.

Some of my early influences before I discovered techno had a big impact on making me the artist I am today – producers like Flying Lotus and Boards of Canada really opened my mind into texture and soundscapes within electronic music and I would always study their music intensively. It definitely gave me a solid grounding for my productions over the years.

In a recent interview with Bomphcast you mentioned that you’re sitting on a lot of unreleased material – can you let us in on what we can be expecting over the coming months?

Yes, I’m sitting on a lot of unreleased music! With about 40% of it forthcoming next year. Without giving too many details as nothing is scheduled yet, 2020 is looking like more music for Mote-Evolver and some releases for Dustin Zahn on Enemy as well as a split EP with a very talented Dutch producer.

Once you return to the UK, what’s on your gig guide for the rest of the year?

When I get back, the rest of the year is looking to be quite Netherlands based! I’m in Rotterdam and possibly Amsterdam in November and then Amsterdam again in late December. These gigs will be announced a little closer to the time.

Where would you like to see yourself in 5 years time?

Really just carrying on with what I’m doing now, but on a bigger scale. Making music I feel passionate about, sharing it to the world and playing music I feel passionate about around the world! That combination keeps me motivated in life.

In terms of the global techno scene, what shifts in sound do you see/hear coming?

I honestly don’t keep up much with what sound is current or ‘hot’. I’m so pigeonholed into what I like, that I kind of stay in that bubble. I have noticed that everything is getting harder and faster at the moment, which I have mixed feelings on sometimes.

To me, regardless of the tempo, it needs to retain a funk and groove otherwise, everything becomes excessively hard and pounding for the sake of it, which (in my opinion) can end up sounding a bit gimmicky and soulless.

And finally, are there any artists who are really exciting you at the moment?

I’m really digging tracks from Tadeo, Border One, Heiko Laux and all the latest stuff from Cari Lekebusch. Their music seems to be finding its way into all my recent DJ sets!

Rene Wise & Deano’s Split 2.0 EP will drop October 11th on Knowledge Imprint.