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The Big 40: Christian Smith

christian smith: interview (tronic)

The Big 40 turns to the dark side this week, welcoming Swedish techno icon Christian Smith. For those uninitiated with the workings of Christian, his music has seen appearances on Hawtin’s Minus, Vath’s Cocoon and Beyer’s Drumcode.

Currently in the middle of an album tour that will put him on the road for seven months for 44 gigs in cities like Edinburgh, Amsterdam, Barcelona and Melbourne. He’s without a doubt one of the most active men in techno.

As if this wasn’t enough evidence that Christian Smith is ready for the techno hall of fame, his label Tronic Records has brought us a long line of bangers from Coyu, Umek, Guy J as well as a ton of other top shelf studio veterans.

01. Where are you right now and what are you doing?

I’m at home in Palme De Mallorca sitting on my balcony doing this interview.

02. What year were you born?


03. What’s the coolest thing in your house?

My A/C. A must living in Spain!

04. Worst experience as a DJ?

Any empty gig. Every DJ gets them from time to time. No matter how good you are there is not much you can do when there aren’t enough people at the party.

05. Best experience as a DJ?

I’ve had many thankfully. Some of the ones that stood out the most were Womb in Tokyo, and Crobar in Buenos Aires.

06. Favourite record label?

Tronic, duh.

07. House or Techno?


08. First record you ever paid for?

My first 12” was Kate Bush – Running up That Hill.

09. Studio or DJ booth?

Both compliment each other.

10. Your dream collaboration?

Grace Jones!

Christian Smith’s Input-Output album is out September 26th via Tronic.

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