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Space Dimension Controller joins Ninja Tune with new album

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Space Dimension Controller, also known as Jack Hamill has signed to British independent record label Ninja Tune for the release of his much anticipated forthcoming album, Orange Melamine.

The Belfast producer released his debut album, Welcome to Mikrosector-50, on R&S back in 2013, and whilst that was officially his first release, Orange Melamine is technically his initial project. It was written and produced on tired hardware back in 2008, when Hamill was just 18 years old. The label has described the album as being influenced by the ambience of Boards of Canada, William Balinski and Brian Eno.

The album is set to maintain a strong sci-fi influence that can be found through most of Hamill’s releases under the SDC alias. Welcome to Mikrosector-50 told the story of a time travelling galactic funk enthusiast called Mr 8040 and his journey home to Tiraquon6, and Orange Melamine will take visual and audio cues from old VHS tapes handed down to Hamill by his family. Films such as Short Circuit, Escape from New York, Ghostbusters and Power Rangers are all set to feature.

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The name of the album is heavily influenced by Hamill’s memories of living with his grandparents. Ninja Tune have stated, “The orange comes from the 80’s style tiling in their kitchen, and the melamine from the snake enclosures his grandfather helped build for him.”

Orange Melamine is set to symbolise a time consuming piece of art. The tracks were first recorded onto old Pyral brand cassette tapes at double speed and 200% pitch and were then recorded back at half speed into his DAW.

It’s clear that nostalgia has been a source of inspiration for the upcoming release; Space Dimension Controller has stated, “It definitely means a lot to me as it shows a specific time in my production and life. I feel very nostalgic thinking about that period when I was making it all.”

The 13 track album is set to be released on May 27th. You can view the tracklist below.

01. Multicoloured Evolving Sky
02. The Bad People
03. West G Cafeteria
04. Volvo Estate
05. Leader-1
06. Scollege Campus
07. Gullfire
08. Melting Velcro Shoes
09. Adventures in Slime and Space
10. Multipass
11. Today There Is No School
12. Los Locos
13. Velvet Gentleman

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