Sam Shure talks about his debut album 'Laconia' on Stil Vor Talent | Soundspace

Sam Shure talks about his debut album ‘Laconia’ on Stil Vor Talent

Interview: Sam Shure

Following a string of impressive EP releases with Oliver Koletzki’s Stil Vor Talent imprint, German DJ and producer Sam Shure will now bring his debut artist album to the Berlin-based label this month.

We spoke with Sam about the forthcoming long player, how his relationship with the Stil Vor Talent team has developed and how his years of experience behind a piano influences his sound.

Hello Sam! How has your week been so far?

Hello, thanks for asking. I had a great decompression week in the nature after a really inspiring Burning Man.

Your debut album Laconia is about to drop on Stil Vor Talent, how did the album come together? What inspired you most in the process?

The first thought about an album came up last year in summertime and it grew until I decided to seriously work on it around November 2018. Last year was a really life changing year for me and I gathered so many experiences, moments and emotions that I felt very inspired to work on a long player. It gives you freedom to express a greater variety of your musical vision and leaves room to experiment with different genres and techniques. The people and places I encountered in the past year were the biggest part of the inspirational process I think.

And you’ve already released a bunch of EPs with Stil Vor Talent, you must have a great relationship with Oliver and the team at this point?

Yes indeed. Oliver, my agent Friedrich, all the artists and every single person working for the agency & label became good friends and I feel happy to have this family feeling in my work surrounding. Whenever they host a showcase somewhere it feels like going on a school trip together and we have fun working together. I am also very grateful for Oliver’s support and trust in me and every single thing I could learn from such a seasoned member of the music industry.

We read online that you’re classically trained as a musician, what kind of impact has this had with producing house music?

I guess it is a good help to understand how music works and how you express your feelings in notes. I am a big fan of melodic and harmonic music and playing an instrument is the most intuitive way to add melody to your productions. In the beginning I had issues to keep it simple because of my piano background. In electronic music less is more and it takes a while to get a feeling for how to reduce your ideas to the most simple yet most effective version.

It seems a lot of albums these days get a remix release somewhere down the line, has this come up in talks between you and Stil Vor Talent?

There will be a remix album coming in early 2020. I can’t tell you more about it yet but I guess its worth to keep an eye on it.

And what about other labels, do you have any plans for gigs or releases in the near future?

I for sure will release on other labels in 2020. There are some demos sent already and I have some plans and wishes to work on, so I will keep all the updates coming on my social media channels.

It’s been great to get a quick chat before the album comes out, before we go can you tell us your favourite track from 2019 so far?

My favorite track of 2019 is a hard one. There is a lot of good music out there and I like many tracks I played this year but I guess all the tracks from Sebastién Leger are super solid and it is probably one of his songs.

Sam Shure’s Laconia LP drops September 20th on Stil Vor Talent.