Is Sadiq Khan the saviour of London's dying nightlife? | Soundspace

Is Sadiq Khan the saviour of London’s dying nightlife?

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London Mayor hopeful Sadiq Khan has made a vow to save London’s nightlife turning into a graveyard, if he is elected next month.

In an interview with Dazed the labour hopeful sympathised with the venues, acknowledging that there are many obstacles in the way of the smaller ones.

Khan is armed with a plan. He wants to introduce an “agent of change” principle that will protect venues being shut down due to noise complaints. Through the principle the cost of soundproofing would be placed on the housing developer as opposed to the venue owner themselves.

In addition to this, Khan has promised Londoners that he will accelerate the plans for a 24 hour Tube service after n agreement was reached in March.

“We have waited too long for the promises made by the previous Mayor to become a reality, but ensuring it is up and running as quickly as possible once I am in City Hall will be invaluable in helping to save London’s night life.”

Khan went on to speak of the brain drain, when locals choose to live in other cities as opposed to their own. The creative community is often most afflicted area.

“I want them to be able to celebrate what they love in the city that they love, rather than punish them or force their activities underground or abroad.”

The comments come at a dire time for London’s nightlife. If Khan truly hopes to salvage it, he’s going to need your vote.

The London Mayoral election is set to take place on the 6th of May, though you must be registered to vote by the 18th of April.

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