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Q&A: Heroic Recordings

Q&A: Heroic Recordings


We had the unique pleasure of interviewing Heroic Recordings label boss Budi Voogt, now with their 22nd label release coming up, the guys are beginning to build a trusted brand in the realm of electronic dance music. We asked about their journey so far, what a typical day in Heroic HQ consists of and what the label has planned for the future.




So who is Heroic Recordings?

Heroic Recordings

Heroic Recordings is an experimental label and artist agency. We are a collective of artist managers and sound engineers, working together to push the sounds we love. Our focus relies heavily on digital distribution and the blog scene, and we deliver full-service support for our artists to create the most opportunities for them as we can.

We also run the division Heroic Audio, where we specialize on delivering audio services for other commercial uses. Music for advertisements, film, post-production, mixing & mastering, voice-overs and more. A way for us to channel the creative forces of our artists and engineers, to empower brands – and challenge our creativity.

Our team consists of:

Frederik Schonfeldt; Executive designer at Heroic Recordings. This artistic talent is responsible for almost our complete visual identity, and has helped build and shape our brand from the start. Having just finished high-school, he’s now proceeding with his Media and IT studies. See his portfolio here

Tim van Doorne; SAE graduated Audio Engineer, 1/2 of Ducked Ape and our main engineer for Heroic. Everything we release is mastered by him.

Yiannis Karavassilis; SAE graduated Audio Engineer, working with us across the board, and soon to be the head of the new bass label we’re starting.

Myself; Business Administration graduate from Erasmus University. Besides running Heroic, I write about music and entrepreneurship on my site, have published The Soundcloud Bible, and manage Ducked Ape, Ark Patrol and Dooqu.




What does a typical day consist of?

Heroic Recordings

Wake at 7, read for two hours.

At 9 the team arrives at the office. We discuss our overall strategy, today’s activities and any necessary particulars. From then on, it’s either headphones on for all of us, or music blasting through the monitors while we each take care of ours tasks. Mails, mails, mails, talking to artists, reviewing demos and releases, critiquing masters and halfway the day we usually do a brainstorm session for marketing upcoming releases.

We’re pretty flexible like that. And ideas get thrown around constantly. We like the idea of the hive mind, where our collective creativity beats that of single person.




You recently put out your 21st label release, are there any lessons you’ve learnt with putting out music?

Heroic Recordings

Many, which I soon am compiling in a new article I’m writing (looking back on the first year of running the label).

A few key ones are;

– Work with artists that are intrinsically motivated and have a strong vision.
– Constantly connecting with new people, and finding ways to start new mutually beneficial relationships, is the key to success. Together with a great product.
– Think outside of the box for marketing releases. Everyone’s distributing, uploading to soundcloud and sending it out to blogs. What else?
– Spotify income is impressive. So much so that it’s on par with what we generate via Beatport.
– Soundcloud is the future of streaming. Fans there matter more than they do on Facebook, for us at least.

And more.





You’ve worked with brands such as edmDistrict to promote your label releases to a wider audience, how valuable do you think these kind of platforms are for independent record labels?

Heroic Recordings

A YouTube network like edmDistrict is valuable because it provides the framework for establishing a lot of new relationships, for which the foundation and initial credibility is already laid out – after all, you’re all members of the edmDistrict. That’s something that unites.

As mentioned, collaboration is the key to success. The greatest things aren’t done alone. Any hub where you find motivated and entrepreneurial individuals, working together with a mutual interest in say music, can be essential to your growth.

Connect with people who could help you. Figure out how you can help them. Humbly initiate a relationship, and go from there.




What advice would you give someone considering setting up their own management company or record label?

Heroic Recordings

The best time to start is now. We are all learning it along the way.

A quality product speaks for itself. If you have that, dedication and a proper plan, things will fall in it’s place.

Figure out where you can find the people who’d love your product. Then bring it there. Into Dubstep? Get it out to the biggest dubstep DJs, blogs and fans. Also connect with your biggest fans as a brand, you’ll be surprised how eager they are to work more closely with you – if you only recognize their support and eagerness.

Speak your voice. In our social media outtings, we’ve really noticed that the best response and association of fans with the brand, is when you show your personality. Don’t be so hesitant to say critical or expressive things. Show yourself.




Can you reveal any future plans you might have?

Heroic Recordings

We have a few major releases coming out, including an EP by San Holo and an album by Ark Patrol.

Also we’ve acquired a new label, which will become our outlet for bass music. More info shortly.

Stay posted at our site and make sure to follow us on Facebook and Soundcloud.




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