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Premiere: Wigbert – My Music

Premiere: Wigbert - My Music

Rating: 8.5

German DJ and producer Wigbert has always been a name on the list of European techno elite, his music has appeared on SCI+TEC and Octopus Recordings in the past and this week he makes a return to Pan-Pot’s Second State label.

This time Wigbert delivers My Music for Second State’s 4th edition of their ‘SUM’ Various Artists, also appearing on the release is Thomas Hoffknecht, S.M.O.D., Rudosa, Hush & Sleep, Markantonio, Lerio Corrado, JSPR, confidns, Black Peters and Avision.

It will follow SUM 3 which seen Eats Everything, Ninetoes, Mark Reeve, Wehbba and label bosses Pan-Pot submit tracks.

My Music is a strong, industrial standard techno stomper that offers up massive kick drums, cement like basslines and frequent call outs of ‘Music’, all coming together for a destructive force of club ready sound.

Second State’s Various Artists will drop June 22nd on the label.