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Premiere: Waxlife – Never Say Goodbye

Premiere: Waxlife - Never Say Goodbye

Rating: 7.0

Milan based Italian producer Waxlife is responsible for the next offering on Ghost Records, a label from the same country that has previously released music from talents like Black Flowers Cafe, Dumbo Gets Mad and Casa Del Mirto.

Waxlife’s return to the imprint will find him release a second single from his forthcoming studio album, Patterns. Having already put out Breathe earlier in the year, this time around he serves up Never Say Goodbye.

The track warm, vibrant and brings plenty of romance, it’s deep electronica with a subtle house touch, built from the ground up from glowing top lines and emotive keys.

Waxlife mentioned “I recorded the melody on a piano with the help of a very accomplished piano player friend of mine. A few months later my friend passed away, so I decided to keep the recording and build the song around it in his memory. The lyrics are about separation, which on the surface could sound like a love song, but ultimately had a sadder and more profound meaning.”

Waxlife’s Never Say Goodbye will drop November 30th on Ghost Records.