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Premiere: Stevo Kurt – Schizma (Asymmetrik Remix)

Premiere: Stevo Kurt - Schizma (Asymmetrik Remix)

Rating: 7.5

There’s plenty of success stories surrounding DJs from clubbing mecca’s like Berlin, New York and London, but it’s the tales of smalltown hustle that come as a real rarity.

Bulgarian talent DJ Steven brought massive names like Sven Vath and Jeff Mills to his home country and pushed dance music to the masses under a suppressive government, now he’s back in the studio with a brand new moniker.

His new Stevo Kurt project brings a four-tracker as the second release on his new label, Mekanika, an imprint he launched alongside emerging local talents Zimmo and Ziggy.

The release is made up of his Schizma and Ober originals and two remixes from Asymmetrik, a standard edit and a Dispersed Space Remix. We run a full premiere for the plain remix.

Asymmetrik’s remix for Schizma leads us down a dimly lit path of destructive techno sounds, with chilling atmospherics and banging drum hits. It’s a clear cut dancefloor weapon with no bullshit or fancy disguise.

Stevo Kurt’s Schizma EP will drop July 12th on Mekanika.