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Premiere: Specialivery – Acid Slap

Premiere: Specialivery - Acid Slap

Rating: 8.0

This month finds us treated to the return of Swiss label Kinesen. The imprint headed up by Parsifal, Mess Me, Tommy J Gren and Specialivery celebrate their 25th release, and have brought a ten-track various artists album to mark the occasion.

From the tracklist which also features names like Roboscope, LVTECE, Fabio Caria, and Mittens, we look to Specialivery to provide our favourite track on this one.

The label captain’s inclusion comes in the form of Acid Slap, a robust and temperamental techno banger that takes no time at all in introducing itself.

Rhythmic vocal cuts, skipping clap patterns and roaring synths dance around a massive, face melting bass that holds an intense energy from start to finish.

And with plenty of variation, groove and depth on offer, it’s a far cry from your standard drums, bass, hi hat format that plagues most promising techno productions.

Full Kinesia Vol.2 Tracklist:
01. Parsifal – Still Alive
02. Tommy J Gren – Distances
03. Mittens – Setkh
04. Specialivery – Acid Slap
05. Roboscope – Blitz
06. Fabio Caria – Border
07. LVTECE – Konnichiwa
08. Parsifal – The Wave
09. Artglio – Ghost Mantis
10. Tommy J Gren – Snow Falls On Giants

Kinesia Vol.2 drops March 15th on Kinesen Records.