Premiere: Smash TV ‘305-4’

Premiere: Smash TV '305-4'

Rating: 8.0

Little Helpers has been a label that has continuously kept a level of quality that most digital labels don’t abide by, EPs from Alexi Delano, Jamie Jones, Butane and tons of others have let them build a catalogue of trustworthy and timeless club music.

The most recent name to join their roster is Berlin based duo Smash TV, and with them they bring a five track EP titled 305. The tracklist is made up of a simple, yet effective labelling system, 305-1, 305-2, 305-3, 305-4 and 305-5. We premiere 305-4.

The track is a well produced, spine tingling groover with acute energy beams from a synthesiser, snappy drum rhythms and darkened vocals that scare you into a vision of trippy voodoo magic, let the fun begin.

Smash TV’s 305 EP is available 28th November on Little Helpers.