Premiere: Silversix - Bassgirl (Markus Homm Remix) | Soundspace

Premiere: Silversix – Bassgirl (Markus Homm Remix)

Premiere: Silversix - Bassgirl (Markus Homm Remix)

Rating: 8.0

German producer Markus Homm has been a long time staple for the countries house music scene, releasing his own productions via labels like Hive Audio, Still Hot, Degree Records and Kenja Records.

The latest offering to come from his studio is a remix for Melbourne born artist Silversix on Valiant Records, a label that has previously hosted works from Jared Marston, Tom Evans and Colour Castle.

Alongside the Homm remix, Silversix’ Bassgirl EP also includes the original track as well as another edit from Greater Than Us, who has also released on Valiant in the past.

Homm’s remix delivers a deep tech hybrid, combining groovy drum rhythms and energetic basslines with hypnotic vocal hooks and plenty of low pass filter envelopes.

Silversix’ Bassgirl EP drops September 18th on Valiant Records.