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Premiere: Saiful Idris – Memories (Extended Mix)

Premiere: Saiful Idris - Memories

Rating: 9.0

Discounting one track from M1LDL1FE, Singapore based imprint SRNDR Records has exclusively released music from its founder, Saiful Idris, and the next outing will be no different.

Following releases on Bullfinch, Harmor, Emotive Sounds and other emerging camps, Idris returns to his own label once more, this time for an extended mix of a previously released track.

Having originally released a three minute version back in August, Saiful now gives Memories its own extended club mix.

Complete with all the rich harmonies and beautifully placed drum rhythms of the shorter version and keeping the purity of Echoboyy’s topline, this one gives the track room to stretch its dancing muscles and light up the club.

Saiful Idris’ Memories will drop October 24th on SRNDR Records.