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Premiere: Sacred Key – Where Is Your Mind

Premiere: Sacred Key - Where Is Your Mind

Rating: 7.5

Stockholm label Friday Lights Music have done an excellent job with bringing us music from the likes of Geist, Omer & Shaked and Matt Dwellers so far.

Now with their 47th release the label welcome a brand new duo that will release the debut EP of their new alias.

Swiss producers Mr. Manidy and Hauselmann have hooked up to launch their new Sacred Key project, with the first EP including two impressive originals in Season Of Mist and Where Is Your Mind.

Premiering Where Is Your Mind, we find a driven techno production with creaking metallic resonance, huge reverb spills and a solid foundation of dancefloor basics. It’s a promising start for the Swiss pair and hopefully a sign of things to come.

Sacred Key – Season Of Mist EP will drop October 26th on Friday Lights Music. Buy this track.