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Premiere: S3A – Spaceship

Premiere: S3A - Spaceship

Rating: 8.0

Releases with labels like Quartet Series, Local Talk and Eureka! have aided Paris born DJ and producer S3A on his journey to bring his sound to house heads the world over.

Now following up on his appearance with their No Dough, Just Cookies compilation series, he will return to Dutch imprint Times Are Ruff for his first original EP on the label.

At four tracks in total, his Reexperience EP will gather together 4000e, Spaceship, QuickSheltan and Jun. We run an exclusive premiere for Spaceship.

The track is a carefree and subtly romantic house tune, offering up cosy synth work, and laidback percussion. As with most of Times Are Ruff’s catalogue, it’s a DJ friendly tool that brings plenty of groove to the table.

S3A’s Reexperience EP will drop September 10th on Times Are Ruff.