Premiere: RSRRCT - Dukes Of Dopamine | Soundspace

Premiere: RSRRCT – Dukes Of Dopamine

Premiere: RSRRCT - Dukes Of Dopamine

Rating: 7.5

Born in Washington, US, but now based in Amsterdam, RSRRCT is a glowing example of the dedication that some artists offer up to their craft.

His past releases have come via labels such as Say What? Recordings, and this month the up & coming American puts out what could be his biggest release to date.

Debuting with Spartaque’s IAMTRED imprint, a sister-label to IAMT, where the likes of Julien Earle, Zerotonine and Kemal Vatansever have released their tracks, RSRRCT delivers his highly impressive 2-track Dukes Of Dopamine EP.

The two originals come in the form of Crossing The Styx and Dukes Of Dopamine, and we have an exclusive full length premiere for the EP’s title track.

From the first second this one gets to work, with big and bouncy techno sounds coming from all directions, it finally climaxes into a melodic, heavy hittin’ techno weapon.

RSRRCT’s Dukes Of Dopamine EP drops July 24th on IAMTRED.