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Premiere: Raisell – Twarz (Sarcasmo Remix)

Premiere: Raisell - Twarz (Sarcasmo Remix)

Rating: 8.0

The latest beat to come from Spanish producer Sarcasmo offers a pulsating hybrid of deep and progressive house sounds in a tension building arrangement that serves well delivered drops and a club-ready low end.

Coming as a remix on Raisell’s Veidas EP, a four tracker that includes two originals from Raisell titled Veidas and Twarz. With excellent remixes from Sarcasmo and Words of Niō, it sees the return of all three producers to the Spanish-Italian label WOOD, other stand-out names on the imprints past releases are Petar Dundov, Main Leaf and Faraday.

Sarcasmo also adds to an already impressive release catalogue with his remix, having put his music out on Pacha Recordings, Steyoyoke and KDB Records.

Raisell’s Veidas EP is available from May 14th on WOOD.