Premiere: PROPE ft. Echo Collective - Void | Soundspace

Premiere: PROPE ft. Echo Collective – Void

Premiere: PROPE ft. Echo Collective - Void

Rating: 8.5

There’s something to be admired when an artist takes control of their own journey, ignoring the conventional route of releasing on a big label and grabbing success under the umbrella of a big artists name. This is exactly what Belgium two piece PROPE have done.

Releasing their own music exclusively on their own OGASM label, PROPE are writing their own story, without the help of any third parties, and thus have full creative control over what goes where, something that is missing from a lot of the relationships between artists and labels in the current industry landscape.

The latest sound to come from OGASM and PROPE is their four track Void EP, featuring four originals which includes two collaborations with Echo Collective, one of which we premiere today.

The Void original is a silky club tune which provides a chilling ambience fuelled by metallic resonance and enriching, dense reverbs.

PROPE’s Void EP is out October 12th on OGASM.