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Premiere: Niles Cooper – Toneklang

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Rating: 8.0

Danish producer Niles Cooper is linking up with Endless Music for a release that reflects the melodic, romantic aura that the artist is known for. Journey music is where Cooper’s heart lies, and combining that with a dancefloor friendly sound is an art that he has truly mastered.

A complete EP titled Klang possesses emotive piano keys, wild rhythms and melancholic soundscapes as we explore the robust musical world that Cooper has created.

‘Toneklang’ sends out a radiation of dancefloor appeal straight away. A melodic vibe is sustained throughout its entirety. Huge, striking strings send out waves that wash over the soul. Playful sound can be distinguished, like the kind you’d likely hear when opening an antique music box. This is a masterclass in emotive production.

Klang EP is out on Endless Music on November 28th.

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