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Premiere: Mittens – As The Light Fades

Premiere: Mittens - As The Light Fades

Rating: 7.5

Releases from Luca Gaeta, Devid Dega, Julien Earle, Heerhorst, Nohak, Chicago Loop and others have brought Oscuro Music to their 100th catalogue release, a milestone they celebrate with a brand new various artists EP.

The Fresh Slammers, Vol.5 EP combines sounds from Mittens, Slin Bourgh, Lunatique Sublime, Alex MilLenium and Pablo Caballero and we have the pleasure of hosting an exclusive premiere for Mittens contribution, As The Light Fades.

Tracks on OFF Recordings, Reload Records and Bubblejam have made him a worthy inclusion amongst promising techno producers, and this outing gives him a great finish for his 2019 year.

The track offers a cold, metallic, industrial-esque techno sound that uses roaring basslines and uplifting melodies to build a soundscape that continuously grabs the attention.

Fresh Slammers, Vol.5 EP will drop December 9th on Oscuro Music.