Premiere: Koelle – Behind My Thoughts

Premiere: Koelle - Behind My Thoughts

Rating: 8.0

German producer Koelle made his debut on the Mauerblümchen 002 album from Ben Böhmer’s Ton Töpferei imprint with his tune Lovely Exoplanet. Now he returns to the label for his first original release.

Titled Lost Tribes, the EP is split into four tracks, Lost Tribe, Behind My Thoughts and Flowers of Darkness, as well as a remix from the label boss for the title track.

We run a premiere for our favourite tune from the release – Behind My Thoughts. It delivers soothing chord progressions, relaxed filters and resonating melodies that scream across the top of the mix, this one is a gem.

Koelle’s Lost Tribe EP is available February 23 on Ton Töpferei.