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Premiere: KLINES – Armour

Premiere: KLINES - Armour

Rating: 7.0

London based DJ and producer KLINES provides just what you need to shake off those Monday blues, a fierce techno thumper in the form of his new Armour original.

The track comes as an inclusion on his forthcoming Armour EP, which at four tracks in total packs the title track with Atomizer and LV-38 originals as well as a remix from Remotion.

It will arrive via Sync Forward, a label hailing from Porto that’s owned by Remotion and Monotronik and has recently put out the sounds of Lampe, Fernie and Another Freak.

Armour offers churning techno drums tied together by a stompin’ kick drum, roaring synths and pacing melodies.

KLINES’ Armour EP will drop April 12th on Sync Forward.