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Premiere: Klaps – Feels Like

Premiere: Klaps - Feels Like

Rating: 8.0

The spotlight shines brightly on Belgian techno music with the first ever various artists album release from the countries emerging Tabulat imprint, ran by the FloorFiller collective.

The five tracker which is aptly titled V, packs music from Dimi Mechero, Diatonik, Unclesand, Jeroen Meertens and Klaps, the latter of which we run a premiere for.

A long time affiliate of FloorFiller, Klaps returns to Tabulat, this time with a thunderous techno beat titled Feels Like. The track lays out low pass resonant filters on the synths and hammering transients on the kick drums for a proper club-ready anthem.

The V various artists album will drop March 24th on Tabulat.