Premiere: Julien Piacentino, Philip Pioge 'Planet Earth' | Soundspace

Premiere: Julien Piacentino, Philip Pioge ‘Planet Earth’


Rating: 7.0

Julien Piacentino brings Philip Pioge to his ‘Origins EP’ on Tentacles Recordings, together the pair deliver ‘Planet Earth’, and we have an exclusive premiere.

The five track release sees Julien Piacentino work with Philip Pioge and Someone Outside, as well as two remixes from Satom and Hioll.

Planet Earth is built from the ground up, simple drum grooves and warm, electrifying synth bass morph into a progressive arrangement, surrounded by uplifting harmonies and clean cut percussion.

Julien Piacentino’s Origins EP is available from 8th May on Tentacles Recordings.