Premiere: Julian Ess & Robert Vasilev – Terminus

Premiere: Julian Ess & Robert Vasilev - Terminus

Rating: 8.0

Barcelona based Julian Ess and Finland native Robert Vasilev combine forces on their next release, with both guys having released on labels like IAMT, Riot and Funk’ N Deep, they now bring their work to Reflekt Records.

The release brings four tracks in total, with Julian and Robert’s Inception and Terminus originals as well as two quality remixes from Fac3off and Bassfreq. We premiere Terminus.

The audible end of things on Terminus offers us a wealth of pounding drum hits, jabbing percussion sounds and intriguing string arrangements, all rested on a steady sub bass.

Julian Ess and Robert Vasilev’s Inception EP will drop June 8th on Reflekt Records.