Premiere: Jens Lewandowski – Cobble

Premiere: Jens Lewandowski - Cobble

Rating: 7.5

German DJ/producer Jens Lewandowski joins Simina Grigoriu’s Kuukou Recordings, a label which has saw music from the likes of Housemeister, Torsten Kanzler and Julian Wasserman.

Lewandowski will make an appearance on Kuukou’s latest VA album, a five tracker titled Passengers Vol.2 that also features Horatio, Joonas L, Markus Volker and Zusan.

Cobble is Jens Lewandowski’s contribution here, a rhythmic playground of skippy percussion and arpeggiated synth melodies, ever-progressing through a field of high pass filters and off beat drum hits.

Passengers Vol.2 is available March 12 on Kuukou Recordings.