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Premiere: Jacme – Saudade (SHFT Remix)

Premiere: Jacme - Saudade (SHFT Remix)

Rating: 8.5

Making a much-awaited return to French label Canal Auditif, Toulouse-based artist Jacme brings his four-track Saudade EP. The tracklist features three original tracks in The Seven Tones, Aftertouch 99 and Saudade, while SHFT delivers a remix of the title track.

New Dehli native SHFT is undoubtedly high on the list of India’s next wave of electronic music stars. Previous releases with Blindfold Recordings and Dear Deer have given him an international platform to showcase his sound, and the only way from here is up.

We run a premiere for his remix on this one, a dense low end and clean percussive hits create a tropical soundscape while the smooth filter work and bright melodies fill out the composition nicely.

Jacme’s Saudade EP will drop July 2nd on Canal Auditif.