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Premiere: Grazze & Nuage – Aulos

Premiere: Grazze & Nuage - Aulos

Rating: 8.5

With a combined back catalogue of releases on Einmusika, This Never Happened, Anjunadeep and Project Mooncircle, the collaboration between Grazze and Nuage is one that’s pretty much essential for 2020.

Together the pair have produced two excellent originals, Aulos and Whoever You Want To Be, with the latter also being remixed by Deepature, for three tracks in total.

Premiering the title track in full, we’re treated to a dreamy melting pot of sultry vocal loops, progressive drum rhythms and harmonising synth work that results in an emotive climax of well polished house music.

The release comes via Zurich-based label Purified Records, which before now has seen appearances from Paradoks, Chris Luno, Alex Breitling and Return Of The Jaded.

Grazze & Nuage – Aulos EP is out now on Purified Records.