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Premiere: Fresen & Jannis Brinkmann – Tears

Premiere: Fresen & Jannis Brinkmann - Tears

Rating: 8.0

Emerging Norwegian record label Wold Records have been impressing us since their start back in 2014, releasing music from artists like Turker, Mehmet Özbek and Naeiiv.

Now welcoming the debut of Colombia-based Argentinian producer Fresen to the label as he collaborates with Wold regular Jannis Brinkmann, together the pair bring their new Tears original – which is also met with several remixes.

Edits come from Wold owner Wolfson, as well as Eric Rose and Gadi Mitrani, which alongside the original make up the four tracks included on the tracklist.

Premiering the original version of Tears, we find a progressively leaning melodic house track that creates a harmonising arrangement of vibrant basslines, smooth string chords and emotive vocal lines.

Fresen & Jannis Brinkmann’s Tears EP drops August 31st on Wold Records.