Premiere: Fauna Flash - Tel Aviv (Recondite Remix) | Soundspace

Premiere: Fauna Flash – Tel Aviv (Recondite Remix)

Premiere: Fauna Flash - Tel Aviv (Recondite Remix)

Rating: 8.5

Michael Reinboth’s Compost Records celebrates 25 years in the game this year, and to celebrate have brought together some of today’s biggest producers for remixes of their past classics. Coming as a 10×12″ box set package, the tracklist so far boasts names like Gerd Janson, Roman Flugel and Ewan Pearson.

Now on Overture 3 in the series, which includes Zenker Brothers, Delano Smith, Joakim and Recondite on the remix credits. The latter of which we run an exclusive premiere of. The Berlin producer brings a remix for Fauna Flash and their Tel Aviv single, which originally came out way back in 2001.

The track joins a catalogue of music which has found Recondite appear on Hotflush, Watergate, Dystopian, Innervisions and Ghostly International, plus many others. Taking the energetic rhythms of the original to a calming place of progressive deep tech, with simplified drum patterns and darkened harmonies, it finds itself right at home with Compost.

Overture 3 will drop February 22nd on Compost Records.