Premiere: Ephemeral ‘Bridget Is Her Own Self’

Premiere: Ephemeral 'Bridget Is Her Own Self'

see Yet another all Berlin player comes across our speakers as Ephemeral delivers a quadruple package of silky house tracks on Berlin Bass Collective. Titled Sunshine Comes After Rain, the EP is made up of Sunshine Comes After Rain, Bridget Is Her Own Self, Common Grounds and a rework from Kez YM for the title track. We drop a premiere for Bridget Is Her Own Self, a gentle and caressing groover with soft drum transients and crunching flavours that’s contrasted by smooth vocal samples, it’s all about the rhythms here and it doesn’t lose focus for a second. Ephemeral’s Sunshine Comes After Rain EP is available 6th October on Berlin Bass Collective. Get it on digital / vinyl.