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Premiere: Emery Warman ‘Miami Connection’ (WHYT NOYZ Remix)

whyt noyz remix emery warman miami connection

Rating: 8.0

We bring an all English release for our latest premiere. London native Emery Warman’s Miami Connection gets a superb remix from Birmingham local WHYT NOYZ, with British label Underground Audio on operational duties.

Having originally jumped in as a duo, the now solo David Sidley aka. WHYT NOYZ has impressed some of techno’s biggest names, getting releases on the imprints of Hawtin, Dubfire and Monika Kruse.

His Miami Connection remix boasts traits from his past work, but adds an elevated knowledge of the larger crowd, with slow and progressive build ups in a DJ friendly arrangement, as well as dark techno drums and an uplifting rolling bassline.

Emery Warman – From My House To Miami is set for release on August 19th via Underground Audio.

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