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Premiere: Cut Off – Opia

Premiere: Cut Off - Opia

Rating: 7.5

Releases with imprints like Ace Kings and Tenor Recordings have given Turkish producer Cut Off a solid foundation of work, but his forthcoming outing on Wold Records is most certainly a step up in quality.

The Norwegian label has previously released tracks from Wolfson, Jannis Brinkmann and Mehmet Ozbek, among others, and both artist and label should benefit from this partnership.

The release itself includes two original tracks, Migration and Opia, and we have the pleasure of hosting an exclusive full length premiere for the closing inclusion, Opia.

Sonically it’s a weighty and deep progressive cut that aligns bubbling low end textures alongside rich, pulsating melodies, a perfect addition to any club-focused, peak time setlist.

Cut Off’s Migration EP drops October 12th on Wold Records.