Premiere: Claudio Masso - Space Lullaby (Risico Remix) | Soundspace

Premiere: Claudio Masso – Space Lullaby (Risico Remix)

Premiere: Elum - Eclipse (Risico Remix) | Soundspace

Rating: 7.5

Another all Italian affair for Raffaele D’Ascanio and Matteo Basso’s Astrophone Records will see both Claudio Masso and Risico make a return to the label. Claudio Masso comes with his Altair EP, which at seven tracks in length is quite the feat.

Alongside Masso’s Altair, Astrophone, Illen, Space Lullaby and Stella Polare original tracks, two remixes are also present, with one each from Marcus Henriksson and Risico.

We have the pleasure of premiere the Space Lullaby from Italian two-piece Risico, who having previously remixed guys like Elum and collaborated with Adam Helder have become a staple within the Astrophone Records roster.

Their remix is both resonant and bubbly and delivers a melodic techno tune that contains firm drum hits, foggy vocal snaps and soft acid lines that worm their way through the mix.

Claudio Masso’s Altair EP is out now on Astrophone Records.