Premiere: Christian Hornbostel - Apis | Soundspace

Premiere: Christian Hornbostel – Apis

Premiere: Christian Hornbostel - Apis

Rating: 8.5

Christian Hornbostel takes another leaping step toward techno stardom with the release of his forthcoming debut artist album Liber Novus.

Returning to POPOF’s Form Music for the first since the November 2019 release of his Paragranum EP, Christian delivers 14 high quality techno tracks that cover a diverse range of club styles.

The French imprint has previously seen releases from names like Klaudia Gawlas, UMEK, Simina Grigoriu and The Reactivitz, and their extensive influence has seen Liber Novus find support from Joris Voorn, Ramon Tapia and Carl Craig among others.

From the tracklist we delightfully host an exclusive full length premiere of Apis, a dynamic thumper that combines pulsating percussive transients, hammering kick drums and deep, echoing basslines for an energetic peak time techno cut.

Christian Hornbostel’s Liber Novus LP drops April 17th on Form Music.