Premiere: Brothers Black - Extrasensory | Soundspace

Premiere: Brothers Black – Extrasensory

Premiere: Brothers Black - Extrasensory

Rating: 8.0

Berlin based duo Brothers Black found our appreciation through tracks on made Of Concrete and Safer At Night, and this week will make a return to their own Bade Records imprint, a label they own alongside Tape Fear.

The 2×2 Series 1 EP gathers up four tracks, with two each from both sides of the label bosses. Two from Brothers Black, two from Tape Fear. We run a full premiere for one of the Brothers Black inclusions, Extrasensory.

If you’re a fan of airy synth pads, energetic drum hits and wide open atmospherics, Extrasensory will offer plenty of enjoyment to satisfy your sonic needs. As will all four tracks on the release.

2×2 Series 1 will drop September 14th on Bade Records.