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Premiere: Brett Gould – Say It Loud (Kevin McKay Remix)

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Rating: 8.0

East London producer Brett Gould follows up his warmly received Snatch! released House Music Is with the Say It Loud EP, out on Glasgow Underground. The earlier release topped the Beatport charts and even received a certified seal of approval from Jamie Jones, and with the Glaswegian imprint establishing themselves as a true force when it comes to the emerging artist it seems the only way is up for both parties.

Say It Loud comes complete with a remix from the label head himself, Kevin McKay. The producer was a part of the surge of great artists coming through in Glasgow during the 90’s, and has shown great adaptability, passion and inventiveness as the years have gone on, establishing not only Glasgow Underground, but also Breastfed Records.

McKay’s rendition of Say It Loud is a beauty. A deep, driven funk opens the gates before inspiring synths incite a euphoric frenzy. A tough groove that progressively engrosses the listener.

Say It Loud drops on Glasgow Underground on January 13th.

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