see url Berlin’s Bebetta and Italy’s Cioz come together for their return to Monaberry. Their Elephant On Ebay EP comes with an odd inspiration. A literal Ebay posting of a live elephant.

conocer chicas poza rica “No one knows how it got there. No one knows who’s selling it. No one even knows why they’re bidding their life savings on it… But they are. There’s an elephant on eBay and the bidding war is happening on a global scale.”

here The EP comes in four pieces, Elephant On Ebay, a remix from Innellea of the title track, plus Jello and Cow Kau, we premiere Jello. On the aural end of things the track delivers deep grooves, sparkling melodies and warm and sticky bass, wrapped up in a 7 and a half minute progressive arrangement.

here Bebetta & Cioz’s Elephant On Ebay is available 4th August on Monaberry.