Premiere: Beatamines, Mattia Pompeo ‘Hunted Riffs’ (Pauke Schaumburg Remix)

Premiere: Beatamines, Mattia Pompeo 'Hunted Riffs' (Pauke Schaumburg Remix)

Rating: 8.0

Italian artist Mattia Pompeo and German native Beatamines combine their creative juices for Hunted Riffs, the original is gathered alongside remixes from Pauke Schaumburg and David Hastert to make up the release.

Coming via Beatamines’ own Ahoi Audio label, we host an exclusive premiere for the Pauke Schaumburg remix. The german pair deliver a warm and glowing synth driven club tune with progressive melodies, rich harmonies and tightly placed drum sounds.

Beatamines and Mattia Pompeo’s Hunted Riffs EP is available 27th November on Ahoi Audio.