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Premiere: Bassically – Tethered

Premiere: Bassically - Tethered

Rating: 7.5

Coming out of London, four piece electronic collective Bassically aim to craft beautiful electronic music while limiting themselves to live methods, and are headed by multi platinum producer Raz Oisher.

Their next outing will see the group return to their usual label of Fossil Studios, who besides Noir Music have released all of Bassically’s music to date. The Fossil Studios catalogue also includes Rubato and Steve Mac.

Introducing05 gathers three of the collectives brand new original productions, Tethered, Moontank and Ending.

We premiere the opening track Tethered which puts a flurry of warm harmonies and clean drum transients on display, through glowing sound design and carefully crafted percussion.

Bassically’s Introducing05 EP will drop October 28th on Fossil Sounds.