Premiere: Ash Roy, 8-Bit Culprit - Synapses | Soundspace

Premiere: Ash Roy, 8-Bit Culprit – Synapses

Premiere: Ash Roy, 8-Bit Culprit - Synapses

Rating: 7.5

Between their respective back catalogues, Indian production talents Ash Roy and 8-Bit Culprit have released their sound on record labels like Frequenza, Qilla, Ballroom, Art Vibes and Jannowitz Records.

For Ash Roy, his own Soupherb Records imprint, which he heads up alongside Calm Chor, is where we have really seen him shine, hosting releases from Maksim Dark, Reclaim, Lampe and Daniel Jaeger, among others.

The collaborators new Triptower EP will bring three new tracks to the growing label in Triptower, Basidia and Synapses, we run an exclusive premiere for the latter mentioned, Synapses.

The rolling tech anthem finds its feet thanks to beaming synth pulses, rhythmic filter work and a deep, highly rich low end that holds the other sounds together within a clenched fist.

Ash Roy & 8-Bit Culprit’s Triptower EP will drop September 16th on Soupherb.