Premiere: Angelo Raguso / FAW9, West Minds - Esperanza | Soundspace

Premiere: Angelo Raguso / FAW9, West Minds – Esperanza

Angelo Raguso, West Minds, kuukou records, premiere

Rating: 8.5

Berlin based label Kuukou Records blend the raw techno appeal with melodic beauty. Simina Grigoriu has built a platform where techno can become more than just a soundtrack to club culture. Here it can grow in emotion and sentiment, and in doing so evolves into a distinctive piece of music.

The labels latest release sees the emerging faces of Angelo Raguso and West Minds as they collaborate on the Paraisos Fiscales EP. The project features three original tracks that explore the diverse realms of tech.

Twisted vocal stabs and malfunctioning technology craft an eerie, futuristic atmosphere to ‘Esperanza’. A foundation of funk is laid down piece by piece, with each vibrating synth a new floor is constructed to a euphoric piece of architecture.

The Paraisos Fiscales EP is out on Kuukou Records on January 27th.

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