Premiere: Alpha Particle Assembly X - Prototype X | Soundspace

Premiere: Alpha Particle Assembly X – Prototype X


Rating: 7.5

Returning to The YellowHeads’ own Reload Black for the first time since his Genome Sequence EP back in December 2018, Romanian born DJ and producer Alpha Particle Assembly X will bring his new Prototype X EP to the label.

The now Amsterdam-based artist has previously released with the likes of Davotab, and his own Consumed Music imprint, where he has also released music from Felix Krocher.

His Prototype X EP is a four track selection that serves a robust and energetic techno sound. We run an exclusive full premiere for the opening title track.

Twisting melodic sounds and rhythmic drums curve their way through a firmly rooted low end, like vines finding their way through concrete, refusing to turn back in pursuit of survival.

Alpha Particle Assembly X’s Prototype X EP is out now on Reload Black.