Premiere: Alex Dolby - White River | Soundspace

Premiere: Alex Dolby – White River

Premiere: Alex Dolby - White River

Rating: 7.5

Hailing from the city of Frosinone in Central Italy, Alex Dolby is yet another example of the level of quality the European hotspot has the potential of producing.

With past works coming via labels such as Modularz and Micro.fon, and his own Affekt Recordings being behind EPs from Temudo, Holldën and Luca La Rocca, Alex is most certainly someone worth paying attention to.

Now launching another new imprint, Alex offers the inaugural release on Sequenzial Shift in the form of his 5-track Dog Eat Dog EP. With original titles Banging Speech, White River, Jungle Prisoners, Murder On The Beach and Ambient Speech.

We host an exclusive full length premiere for White River, a pulsating techno cut that combines roaring basslines with snappy drums and heaps of sonic manipulation.

Alex Dolby’s Dog Eat Dog EP drops July 27th on Sequenzial Shift.