Premiere: Alessandro Cocco - False Intrigue | Soundspace

Premiere: Alessandro Cocco – False Intrigue

Premiere: Alessandro Cocco - False Intrigue

Rating: 7.5

London-based techno producer Alessandro Cocco has released music with Bullfinch, Betrieb and Aparat Rec., and now adds Oscuro Music to his catalogue.

Having previously hosted productions from Heerhorst, Nohak, Chicago Loop, Dok & Martin and Mha Iri, Oscuro is an imprint that finds itself well on its way to the upper echelon of British techno.

Alessandro’s new ‘False Intrigue’ original comes as a single track release, which we have the pleasure of hosting an exclusive, full length premiere for.

Combining hardened kick drums, sudden bursts of energetic melody and a roaring, club-focused low end, False Intrigue is an impressive addition for both artist and label.

Alessandro Cocco’s False Intrigue drops November 25th on Oscuro Music.