Premiere: Adam Kaase - Serenade | Soundspace

Premiere: Adam Kaase – Serenade

Premiere: Adam Kaase - Serenade

Rating: 7.0

Relocating from Rio De Janeiro to Barcelona has seemingly done wonders for the growing career of Brazilian house producer Adam Kaase, who this month makes his debut on Fresco Records.

Fresco Records, which is also based in Barcelona, has previously hosted productions from Doc Brown, Fernando Lagreca, Several Definitions and Aitor Ronda.

Adam Kaase’s inaugural release on the label results in two new original tracks coming through our speakers, Vangelis and Serenade. The latter inclusion finds itself being premiered in full by us.

The track is a deep melodic meets crisp progressive hybrid, combining big synth melodies with simple drum rhythms and rumbling analog basslines. An essential pick for fans of clean cut melodic house and a strong push for the young Brazilian.

Adam Kaase’s Vangelis / Serenade EP drops August 31st on Fresco Records.