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Premiere: 2pole – Lethargie

Premiere: 2pole - Lethargie

Rating: 8.0

Since 2016, German producers Marcus Schmahl and Mark Ullrich have been busy releasing their heavy-set brand of techno under the 2pole project, and with tracks like Alone currently sitting at over 560,000 plays on Spotify, the reception has been a welcoming one.

The pair return to Christian Smith’s Tronic Music label this month for a double release that is unlike anything they have brought before. A two-album project that brings the 16-track 1ne and the 10-track 2wo will come across June and July.

While 2wo is made up of completely original material, 1ne see’s collaborations with Jam El Mar, Ursula Rucker, Colectivo Triangular, and the Tronic boss himself. From the extensive tracklist, we bring a premiere of Lethargie.

The dark techno thumper is a mix of bright, pulsating melodies, massive kick drums, and bubbling acid synths that comes in during the breakdown, it’s a definite stand-out inclusion from an already impressive record.

2pole’s 1ne will drop June 24th, and 2wo will follow in July.