Mixing Dance Music in Ableton: DVR Example | Soundspace

Mixing Dance Music in Ableton: DVR Example

Mixing Dance Music in Ableton: DVR Example


Point Blank’s Direct Video Response system allows online students to get personal, one-to-one feedback on their tracks via a video recorded by their course instructor. Every fortnight, students get a dedicated screen-capture video, guiding them through their tracks and mixes and how they can be improved by award-winning instructors who’ve worked with the likes of Chemical Brothers, Ellie Goulding and Franz Ferdinand.

So you can see what we mean for yourself, we’ve compiled some of our DVRs from our online school. You can watch Mixing Dance Music: Ableton Live student Kevin Yates’ DVR with instructor Anthony Chapman above and if you’re inspired, click here to find out more about our Ableton diploma. As well as Mixing Dance Music: Ableton Live, you’ll learn about sound design, composition and mastering! Find out more about the course here.



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