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MIX173 – Hollen & Raffaele Rizzi

MIX173 - Hollen & Raffaele Rizzi

Solo Italian artist’s Hollen and Raffaele Rizzi are in some ways at the opposite end of the spectrum, with Hollen being a techno veteran, and Raffaele Rizzi being one of the new kids on the block who is leading the genres next generation of future stars. No one could deny both have an exquisite sound when it comes to electronic music.

Many will know Hollen from releases on labels such as Terminal M, Glasgow Underground and Suara, and Raffaele Rizzi has already racked up his own impressive back catalogue including the likes of Octopus, Tronic, ELEVATE and UMEK’s 1605 for example.

The pair have recently joined forces for a collaborative release on Italy’s Unrilis label, which titled the Analog Combo EP is due for release on 8th December, and this special back to back podcast opens with the title track from that release.

01. Hollen, Raffaele Rizzi – Analog Combo
02. Hollen, The Yellowheads – Quick Combination (Frankyeffe Remix)
03. Thomas Evans – Bitch Is Back
04. D-Deck – Formant
05. Durtysoxxx, Dandi & Ugo ft. Ira Ange – Discoteque (Hollen Remix)
06. Christian Smith & Harry Romero – Power Of Future
07. Giorgia Angiuli – White Details (Coyu & Bastian Bux Remix)
08. Raffaele Rizzi – Androide
09. Oscar Aguilera – Odissey (Filterheadz Remix)
10. Frank Biazzi – Darkness
11. The Rares – Mistery (Sasha Carassi Remix)
12. Zakari & Blange – Dimension (Patrick Berg Remix)
13. Flug – I Like Stress (2000 and One Stress Tool)
14. Schmutz – Carp (Skudge Remix)
15. Laura D’agostino – Il Silenzio (Fabiann Remix)
16. Hollen, Raffaele Rizzi – Elements